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I Will directly talk about the administration and implementation of cisco solutions.

2 min readMay 6, 2021


1-WHY you have to take the CCNA

this information is what I would have liked to obtain when I decided to leave chemistry for computer science. they will constitute you a first base of knowledge in computer networks.

what is the CCNA?

Cisco certified Network Associate, it is the first certification that allows you to start your career in the world of computer networks So why certified cisco .Cisco Systems is an American IT company specialized, originally, in network hardware, and since 2009 in servers. Founded in 1984 by a couple of computer scientists, the company experienced a meteoric rise by democratizing routers in particular.

first on the market, it offers a wide range of products to meet all types of needs, themselves they are represented by these 5 criteria

a-Omnipresence:Cisco products can be found in all areas regardless of the size of the company.

b-Security:They are by far the ones who make the best products in the field.

c-Scalability:A pillar on the market, it is always evolving to meet ever more demanding and growing demand.

d-Availability:It offers very high fault tolerance, although
they are expensive they all allow you to sleep peacefully

e-Automations: It puts into solution products facilitating the automation of tasks.

f-S.A.V: A quality and irreproachable after-sales service.

2-Exhaustive list of Cisco solutions that we will see in this series

these solutions are available for all company sizes




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