Basic cisco switch configuration☝🏾

Here we will use the commands mentioned previously in the last story to configure our first equipment which will be the switch.

some points that will we cover:

*check running config

the startup-config is the configuration which is saved in the NVRAM (non-volatile random access memory) so the information saved there remains maintained even after a power cut or a bug; It becomes the running-config when the equipment starts up by loading the informations contained in the NVRAM into the RAM. The difference between these two terms comes from the fact that the configurations made when the equipment is running remain in the running-config and can be erased or lost after a power cut or a bug. the ideal would be to save them in startup-config if we have made important configurations or commands.😉
  • first look about the running-config

*look startup-config

Save running-config into startup-config:

.check VLANS

*configure Management interface and ip

*configure hostname


“configure terminal” + enter and type : hostname +xxxxx +enter

*check mac address table


“show mac-table”

-first ping

*configure Management interface and ip


“configure terminal” +enter

“interface vlan1” + enter

“ip address x.x.x.x x.x.x.x”+enter

i want to notice that we have a command who able you to ping a device forever without interruption. the call it “ping-t” (ping extended).

*configure line Vty (telnet) and console

type “show users” to see which user is configured and which line will he use to connect remotely to our switch.

.configure our first user who will able to acces remotely to the switch using one of the 16 vty lines :

type ‘line vty 0 15’

type ‘transport ?’ , you need and input connection to access remotely

type ‘transport input ?’

type ‘transport input telnet’

. tell how to authantificate

type the command “login ?”

type the command “login local” thanks to this, it will authenticate the users registered in the switch database, so you have to register a user in the database of the switch.

  • create a user

*create enable password

  • let’s type show users

if you want to save this configuration just type “copy running-config startup-config”.




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